Scalarworks Leap scope mount


Ultra high-performance scope mount.

Designed for shooters who want the lightest, most rigid, and most compact quick-detach scope mount possible.


Our patented leveling screw squares your scope with your mount in record time.

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Scalarworks Leap scope mount lightest weight


Engineered to be the lightest QD scope mount, without compromising an ounce of strength.

Scalarworks® SW0700 (5.48oz)
LaRue® LT104 (7.09oz)
ADM® AD-Recon (8.05oz)
Spuhr® QDP-3016 (9.52oz)
KDG® SID5-140 (9.56oz)

All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used in accordance with FTC Comparative Advertising guidelines. All mounts weighed under the same conditions with all hardware necessary to attach a 30mm scope.

Scalarworks LEAP scope mount clamp

state of the smart

The LEAP/07 incorporates two of the most efficient structures known to man.

A tubular boom and an I-beam bridge, each with over-sized cross-sections, maximize rigidity and impact resistance while minimizing weight.

Scalarworks Leap scope mount FEA

Scalarworks Leap scope mount 7075-T6
Scalarworks Leap scope mount 7075-T6 vs 6061-T6

Every Leap Mount is CNC milled from 7075-T6 billet, which has vastly superior mechanical properties to 6061-T6, and is used where ultimate strength and durability outweigh cost considerations.

The One Ring

The Scalarworks® Ring was designed from the ground up to be stiffer, lighter, and easier to use than split rings.

Scalarworks Ring Cross Bolts

A high-strength, precision fitted hinge ensures even pressure around your optic, without requiring the tedious and imprecise setup that split rings do.

Scalarworks Ring Cross Bolts

Twin oversize CNC machined shoulder screws provide even tension and act as structural elements, making the entire ring assembly phenomenally rigid.

Scalarworks Ring Cross Bolts

Each side of the Scalarworks® Ring is carefully lightened with a curvature continuous scallop that produces a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Scalarworks Ring Cross Bolts

The Scalarworks® Ring is wider than competing designs, providing more surface area to safely and securely hold your optic.

Scalarworks Leap scope mount Low Profile

Smooth is fast

The Leap has no protruding levers, bolts, or knobs to rap your knuckles, or get caught on clothing, gear, and surroundings.

Scalarworks Leap Scope mount ClickDrive quick-detach system


Our patented ClickDrive quick-detach mechanism is intuitive, self adjusting, and completely recoil proof. By decoupling clamping force from vibration resistance, ClickDrive doesn't need massive amounts of imprecise torque, and is not dependent on unreliable friction. Low profile recessed thumbwheels deflect external impacts, while letting you take the mount off in seconds, with or without gloves.


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35 reviews for LEAP/07

  1. LEAP/07
    5 out of 5

    Fit, finish and function are second to none. So light it almost feels like polymer

  2. LEAP/07
    5 out of 5

    This company sets the bar on customer service. By far the best scope mount I’ve EVER mounted. I’ll definitely be ordering more products from Scalarworks.

  3. LEAP/07
    5 out of 5

    On the whole, I really like this mount – its exceptionally lightweight, the QD system is user friendly and innovative, and the built-in leveling device works well for leveling the scope. With that said, I am deducting one point because of a minor design flaw – due to how smoothly the leveling device screws in and out, it actually has a frustrating tendency to unscrew itself during recoil, and eventually falls out of the bottom of the mount. While I didn’t actually loose it because there wasn’t enough room for it to fall completely out of the mount, it made a loud rattle, and forced me to take the mount off the gun and cover the threads in some thread locker to make the fit tight enough for it to stay still. While this works, it would be nice if the design handled this to begin with.

    EDIT: I’m aware that I am able to just remove it, but I would ideally like to be able to keep it with the mount, both to reduce the chance of losing it, and potentially being able to mount another optic without having to go find it. With that said, I’ve decided this doesn’t warrant deducting a star, so I’ll go ahead and bump it up to a 5, as everything else is exceptional 🙂

    • Post

      Thanks for your feedback. We recommend you remove the LevelDrive screw from the mount after you’re done leveling your scope. There’s no need to leave it in there.

  4. LEAP/07
    5 out of 5

    Amazing build quality, finish and design/engineering. The built in scope leveling feature works like a charm, makes setup very painless. Thanks again Scalarworks for another amazing mount. I have your Aimpoint Micro and Trijicon MRO mounts and they have been awesome and hold zero perfectly, I’m guessing this one will be just as awesome. Cheers.

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