Scalarworks KICK/02 RMR offset mount


State of the art offset mounts.

Places your Trijicon RMR in the optimal position relative to your scope.


Designed in conjunction with our new LEAP/08 & LEAP/09 scope mounts.


(45 customer reviews)


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Choose a Configuration Above.
Choose a Configuration Above.

45 reviews for KICK/02

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  1. Bruce (verified owner)

    Was unsure of how much of my windage cap on my athlon ETR 1-10 would obstruct the view of my rmr. It was almost a perfect view. The windage cap was just barely in the window and was unnoticeable without looking for it. It was the perfect angle for qucik transition for me. I’d reccomend to most, but be wary of the size of your caps/turrets. Easy & quick instalation.

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  2. Sam W. (verified owner)

    Needs improvement. Great idea for offset red dot. But needs more options for height, length, and angle for larger scopes with larger turrets. I cannot use this with my Trigicon credo 1-8. The side turret complete blocks the field of view of the RMR. Again, great idea, but I cannot currently use it. If a new version or new options for the kick becomes available that gives me visibility for my scope, I would buy it.

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  3. Cayden H. (verified owner)

    Mounted perfectly to my LEAP/08. Both the packaging and machining are very well done, as I’ve come to expect.

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  4. Mark L. (verified owner)

    The product works very well. It is sturdy and fittings are nice. My only star I held back is that there is only one location to attach it on. I wonder if there would be a forward location to the offset mount. Also would there be a 45 degree mount to accommodate scopes with high turret knobs that the red dot will not be covered due to the 30 degree angle.

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  5. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Highly recommend, my first offset RDS set up and I couldn’t be happier. Went with an SRO for wilder field of view and I’m glad I did.

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